Art exhibit at Kulturhuset

A hand drawn retelling of the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated by hand in fluid black ink, and displayed at an exhibit at Kulturhuset in central Stockholm, the largest center for arts and culture in Sweden.

I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. From then on, there’s always been a story on my mind. Here I created a series of illustrations following my retelling of the classic fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood.

I started experimenting with black and white illustrations using only black ink which resulted in a series of illustrations that were exhibited at Kulturhuset in central Stockholm during August – October 2014.

This project was exhibited at Kulturhuset in central Stockholm from August to October 2014. I showcased my illustrations and had a wonderful time reading the notes visitors left for me:

The illustrations are very beautiful. I enjoyed watching them. Hoping to see your book in the future. All the best to you. /Luca

The pictures are all very pretty! /Felicia, 8 years old

Beautiful drawings. You are so talented. Greetings from Mexico /Joshy & Betty

Beyond words. Wow! Is wow a word? /Margareta

Nice! /Johan who just walked by

Thank you to all who visited the exhibition.