En Jul Tillsammans

/ A Christmas Together

Well, 2020 didn't turn out as expected! And when the Holiday season wouldn't be as usual either, Three decided to make it even more unsual! After collecting nominations from people who wanted to cheer up a loved one who'd experienced a particularly difficult year, we surprised the selected winners outside their homes with a magical concert to bring them joy and a feeling of togetherness, in a year when many have felt lonelier than ever. Because at Three we believe in bringing people together, especielly at a time like this. 

I worked as the Art Director on this from the start, creating the concept of the project to begin with, and throughout pre-production and production with live surprise performances, until finally seeing the films out in the world.

Agency: Creative Agency, a part of 3 Sverige
Production company: Balthazar
Team: Me (AD), Carin Höglund (Copy), Hilda Carlsson (Production Manager), Mathias Anderson (CD), Åsa Nordström (Project Manager).
Performers: Carola, Martin Stenmarck, Lisa Ajax & Wiktoria.



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