Pringles Flavor Stacking

In 2017 Pringles launched a whole new way of enjoying their chips; by stacking different flavors to create entirely new ones. To show the endless combinations you can make, Grey New York created a video to launch the concept of never-ending Pringles stacks. The concept was also adapted for the Canadian market and made into a series of TV spots.

Agency: Grey New York

The video started in social media and was later adapted as a large scale video to be shown in Times Square, as the Pringles pop-up shop The Stack Shack opened to the public. The video also played in the Stack Shack, inspiring the visitors to to come up with new flavor combinations and name their creations.

Canada TV Spot

The video was then adapted for Canadian TV with new sound, visuals and stack names in French.


As a part of launching the concept of flavor stacking to the public, we created a series of online content to promote flavor stacking for different occasions. Here is the video for Halloween.