NRAEF | Be an Unfollower

Hit “unfollow” on the dreariness of boring jobs and find your own path in the restaurant industry. Because this is not an industry for the faint hearted, this is for those who have what it takes to be an Unfollower. *Killed direction for the NRAEF.

We create a wall where people who work in the restaurant industry can share what they have unfollowed. The wall will be live streamed across social media, encouraging the general public to join in and post what they want to unfollow.

An online documentary series presents The Unfollowers where well known chefs and restaurant owners are interviewed by young people considering joining the restaurant industry. The pros will reveal the things they “unfollowed” to become who they are today.

#BoredAtWork reveals the truth about the jobs of hundreds of thousands, and we reply to these lost souls inspiring them to hit Unfollow on their boring job and join the restaurant industry.