Miracle Gro


Your home is a place where you have the privacy to indulge in your most eyebrow-raising proclivities—which makes it the most likely place for someone to find dirt on you.

Offset whatever other dirt visitors may find with the captivating presence of an especially well-nourished plant.


Our outdoor ads, planted with the finest Miracle-Gro soil, demonstrate its real-world effectiveness.


The internet has an uncanny ability to find everything you don’t want it to. Clean up your social media with The Dirt Detector.

The browser extension detects incriminating content on your social media accounts, and replaces the incriminating parts of the photo with something that will help your reputation — a thriving plant.


1. Scan your profile.
2. Select the posts you want to update.
3. Choose your stickers.
4. Save, and sleep easy.



It detects everything from double-fisted drinks, to wardrobe malfunctions, to chance encounters with affiliations you’d, ahem, rather not be associated with.

Behind the scenes

After making rough layout sketches for the prints, we set up a makeshift photo studio and together with the help from three talented models we had a fun shoot.