Allstate Renter’s Insurance

As a millennial, you don’t think renter’s insurance is necessary. But if tragedy does strike, how #awkward would the conversation with your landlord be? Allstate Renter’s Insurance has your back so you can be your usual arrogant millennial self even when you write to your landlord explaining the havoc wreaked. *Spec work


To get millennials thinking about maybe, possibly, being responsible and getting renter’s insurance, we create a series of print ads that were actually written by Allstate customers to their landlords. Arrogant they might be, but awkward they are not.

Letter Generator

A microsite that helps you generate an unapologetic apology letter to your landlord in case of fire, water damage, theft or destruction of property. Just choose the type of destruction, fill in the name of your landlord to get an auto-generated letter.